Practical Semitones (Unbounded Remix)

1 track. Duration: 23 min., 8 sec. 2018.


Jeremy Mayall reworks the track Semitone Shift in Practice by Shannon Novak. This formed part of the installation Open in Shannon Novak’s exhibition Unbounded at RAMP Gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand in 2018.



Jonathan Mane-Wheoki

1 track. Duration: 4 min., 6 sec. 2016.


Shannon Novak's exhibition Leitmotif opened in 2016 at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand. This track accompanied a portrait of Jonathan Mane-Wheoki.



Score Generators

1 track. Duration: 12 min. 2013.


Shannon Novak's exhibition Score Generators opened in 2013 at the Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. It consisted of twelve augmented reality interventions the audience could reveal using a mobile device. Each intervention created a virtual overlay of animated geometric forms accompanied by a short musical score over everyday objects in the foyer of the Aotea Centre.

Recordings of the twelve interventions were displayed randomly on twelve large screens on another floor to simulate the musical score being generated by the exhibition. This recording captures the first twelve minutes of this score.



Bellbird Major

1 track. Duration: 3 min., 5 sec. 2012.


This work explores the song of the New Zealand Bellbird.


Tui Minor

1 track. Duration: 2 min., 33 sec. 2012.


This work explores the song of the New Zealand Tui.



Semitone Shift

9 tracks. Duration: 30 min., 10 sec. 2011.


Shannon Novak's debut album Semitone Shift is made up of nine instrumental piano tracks that explore the emotional change in a piece of music when a note is shifted up one semitone. With each track, Novak created an artwork that was exhibited during 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The compositions have been designed to allude to the leaf form found in nature, starting off with single notes (the stem of a leaf), moving into a wider breadth of notes (the middle of the leaf), then tapering out at the end with single notes again (the tip of a leaf).


Everything But Yellow

11 tracks. Duration: 50 min., 1 sec. 2011.


Shannon Novak's second album, Everything But Yellow, is a record of Novak's experiences growing up in his home town of New Plymouth, New Zealand.